Restorative Exercise


Restorative Exercise is a system of exercises, alignment points and understandings to restore natural alignment, strength and flexibility to your body. Due to a significant lack of movement and years of sitting at school and work many of us have developed imbalances in our bodies that are creating injuries and pain and accelerating wear and tear of our joints.

Restorative Exercise is the brainchild of American biomechanist Katy Bowman. Katy has written extensively about how a lack of natural movement is significantly reducing our biological function. I recommend all my clients read her book ‘Move Your DNA’. Check out Katy’s website for more information.

This approach will restore your body to natural alignment and get you moving more through out the day.

My mission is to help you to understand how to move for optimal biological function. I teach you how to 1. Get out of pain and 2. Increase movement capacity and performance by showing you how to move in optimal alignment. Restorative Exercise is a big part of how I do this. It’s fun and rewarding and when you understand how you are ‘shaping your body’ you have the choice to change how you are ‘shaping’ it.

Katy Bowman from ‘Nutritious Movement’ and Hazel from ‘Mind in Movement’

Katy Bowman from ‘Nutritious Movement’ and Hazel from ‘Mind in Movement’