"For those of you thinking 'is this for me?', just give it a try and you will be surprised."

"Like many of us who like to keep active I’ve had a few spills. Two double spinal fractures, a shattered knee and shattered ankle. Plus the usual weekend strains. I put all my efforts into recovering as best I could so I could keep enjoying the sports I love and a high quality of life.

With professional physiotherapy, swimming and a personal trainer at the gym I got back most strength and movement over a couple years. There were still limitations to free movement. I could not squat or run and had nagging pain especially in my back and legs.

About three years ago I had the good fortune of having Hazel arrive on my work site in Australia. That’s when some big changes happened. Hazel quickly identified several areas that required more help to get moving. Using the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration techniques on me and giving me some new exercises to do in my own time, in just a few months I was able to squat and run. I have next to no pain or restriction in my back and knee and this lack of pain and increased movement has increased my performance at work and in the surf.

I absolutely recommend Hazel to anyone with post injury pain or restricted movement. Hazel’s knowledge, skill and genuine interest in people’s well being is what I feel has made all the difference in my recovery.

I fully intend to revisit Hazel for a tune up any time I feel I need it, so see you in the waiting room."

Ross Burdon / Nelson NZ

"I went to Hazel with stiff and aching shoulders and my back felt like it was out of alignment, mostly due to repetitive training. Hazel carried out 3 sessions of "ATSI" for which I am very grateful to her.  I now have no tension in my shoulders and am more flexible than I ever have been before, no more stiff and aching joints. I am sleeping better, running a lot more freely and stronger."

Simon Nielsen / Auckland NZ

"Hi. My name is Paul, I'm a 52 year old who has worked as a tradesman for the last 38 years.  I have also played a lot of boxing, rugby, marathon running and soccer.  As you can imagine my body has experienced some damage.  I have had five operations on my knees.  I was taking anti inflammatories and wearing knee supports everyday for three years.

Then I met Hazel,  when she first told me about Anatomy Trains Structural Integration and I thought it was one of those get fit things and I didn't think about it too much.  Over the years I have been to some very good physiotherapists with some good results but it never lasted.

I started doing some sessions with Hazel and quickly found out that most of my pain was not from the parts of my body that I though were sore.  It was from other areas that would not let my body function properly.  I was hooked, I was getting results, the stiffness in my body was starting to turn into movement and for the first time in many years I was able to bend over and touch the floor.  The best part of all was I was experiencing less and less pain in my knees.  I really felt the changes in my body.

Since working with Hazel I have much better movement, my body shape and weight have improved, I feel stronger and taller.  The best result is that I have not taken any anti inflammatories for about 14 months and I have not needed to wear my knee braces even when training.  For those of you thinking 'is this for me?', just give it a try and you will be surprised." 

Paul Loveless / Perth AUS

"I am a mother of 3 young children, and while I was awash in the tasks involved in nurturing them I managed to lose hold of grip I had previously held on my own physical wellbeing. I have a long history in outdoor recreation and sports and a background as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, and yet I found that my body had become a wreck through overuse, disuse and the lack of time to response to problems as they occurred. In some respects I had become disengaged from my body and certainly despondent towards it. When I finally had the space to take things in hand I was fortunate enough to see a very wise physiotherapist who directed me towards Hazel. I think Hazel is one of the wonders of the world, she is absolutely committed, warm, positive and completely engaged in her work. She was able to tune into me and to my body and I have seen fantastic results. Initially the long treatment sessions of the 12 series were just the relaxing I needed, but as we progressed I took back the control of my own body more and more with increasing confidence. I am now in great shape, confident I can do anything that I would like, but have the increased awareness and connection that allows me to listen to my body and be more respectful, whilst being eternally grateful for the state I am in. The ATSI approach and Hazel’s application of it is an unparalleled way to address the whole body for maximum function and I can whole heartedly recommend her."

Ruth Connor / Christchurch NZ

"Before Hazel's invaluable ATSI instruction, I had seen numerous Physiotherapists and Practitioners in the hope of finding a solution to my chronic shoulder pain. Each of these appointments had proved unsuccessful as they often ignored or paid very little attention to the other parts of my body that were contributing to my shoulder pain, as well as the specific aspects of my lifestyle and the conditioned movement patterns that had created the problem to begin with. Despite this, I still felt that there was a answer out there - after all, there was a point in time were my shoulder pain did not exist. Hazel's guidance, in conjunction with the brilliant Physiotherapist's at Physio Evolved, would be the answer I was looking for all this time. 

Hazel's approach was refreshingly different. Once you understand her underlying philosophy, it's like a curtain is unveiled, and the source of our pain and discomfort, which hitherto had been such a mystery, finally becomes so clear: our movement (or more specifically, lack thereof!) has a direct bearing on how much pain we are in. Hazel not only provided relief from the physical pain I was in, but allowed me to see how this pain came about in the first place.

The awareness and knowledge Hazel has imparted has been truly paradigm shifting, and her kind and compassionate manner made something that can ordinarily be so frustrating, a really enjoyable and enlightening experience. 

I am not one for hyperboles, but my experience with Hazel has been truly life changing: with her advice, I now have a blueprint which will ensure I will never encounter the kind of chronic pain I was in again. For that reason, I cannot recommend Hazel enough, she is brilliant!"

Guy Oliver Abbott / Christchurch NZ